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Placing an order

Ordering MyWatch goes through a few simple steps.
AanmakenOm MyWatch to account for order, you need an account. This allows you when you have finished ordering. Click on the "check" right of your screen. If you are a new customer you can fill in your details in the "New Customer". After filling click "Next Step" and you can choose whether your order possibly to a different address on contributors. Bottom of the page you can choose express how you want to pay. This needs to be given every new order.

How to order
Step 1
Click on the article on 'In Cart'.

Step 2
Click on 'order'. (Or 'continue shopping' if you want to order more items)

Step 3
Check the details of your order.

Here's what's in your shopping cart.

You can specify what the billing address and shipping address the order should be. If you wish to use a different address you can add.

Step 4
Click once all your details are correct on 'to pay'.

Step 5
Choose your payment method.

Step 6
Make your final order by clicking "Send order" button.

Your Account
In order MyWatch order, you need an account. In this account, you include your name, address and email address. Please immediately whether you wish to receive our newsletter. Access to your account is protected with a password of your choice.

If you lost your password. On the login page, enter your email address and within minutes you will receive an email from us with a personal link. Click on this link to a new password.

Change data
You can create your data in your account (including e-mail address and password) change. Please note that any payment reminders to the last used billing address are sent. If you should happen to your data to adjust, you can use an e-mail your changes to pass. We will modify your data in the system.

Cancel an order
You may cancel your order if itself. If you are in the display of "Confirmation / Payment" and you break the order down here, your order is canceled. If you do the order confirmed by clicking on the next step, and you still want to cancel your order then you can do this via an email to the customer service report. They will immediately cancel your order into the system and mail to confirm this.

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