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Time. So intangible, yet so much a part of our everyday world. A leading actor without a persona. A constant role in our daily conversations. Ever aware that time is passing by, we try to capture it by giving it a face. The face of a Rodania watch…’

A Swiss brand with proven reputation, Rodania has been producing the finest watches since its foundation in 1930. Since then, Rodania has always been positioned as a brand that respects the essence of watch-making. Nevertheless through the years, the brand proved to be contemporary and creative without following every volatile fashion trend. It has always been a prime issue for the company to strive for the best price for quality. Moreover the company has always been inventive when it comes to the product, uncompromising when it comes to quality.


K3 Rainbow Watch

2628250 - K3 Rainbow Watch
Colourul K3 Rainbow Watch   Colorful case and strap combined with the well known Rodania quality, make this watch a must-have for all the fans of K3. To be placed under the Chris... 

€ 49,00

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