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Bacio Heart Bracelet


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€ 45,00
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Bacio silver bracelet with a lock in the shape of a heart.

This bracelet is available in 4 sizes.
- 18 cm
- 19 cm
- 21 cm.

The 20 cm bracelet is sold out and has been taken out of the collection.

Now with 50% discount
When a bracelt is no longer available, it is not possible to order that size as the supplier has taken this bracelet out of the collection.

Note: to measure which size bracelet is right for you, you can measure your pulse with a wire. Keep the wire not too tight so that the bracelet is a bit wider, so that the charms will fit onto the bracelt and it will not be too tight around your pulse. Lay the wire along a ruler and look at the number of centimeters. If you are between 18 and 19 cm. Choose the 19 cm.

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Bacio Glass (1)

bac07084 - Bacio Glass (1)
Bacio Murano Glass beads in different colors and designs.  

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€ 19,95
 NOW € 12,95

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