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sproet10004 - Sproet Necklace 

Sproet Necklace


Necklaces available in 4 colors.
- Pink
- Black
- White
- Purple

The necklaces are made of rubber and has a lock which is child-friendly.
In same colors are matching bracelets available.

The charms of Bacio Junior also fit on the necklace.

For Sproet no shipping costs will be charged.

If a necklace is not in stock, they can be ordered. Delivery 2 days, if in stock at the supplier

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Bacio Junior - Cat

bacj07027 - Bacio Junior - Cat
A Charm in the shape of a cat. In various colors in the series Silver, Bright and Pastel. This series has been taken from the collection. Now with a 20% discount. When the bullet is red, the Charm is ... 

normal price
€ 9,00
 NOW € 6,40

more information

Bacio Junior Starts

920000 - Bacio Junior Starts
Charms with a picture of a boy or a girl. Currently, only the bead with a picture of the boy is available. 

normal price
€ 19,50
 NOW € 12,74

more information

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