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Bacio Art


Bacio Art


Bacio Art are handmade beads and are made of wood and are very light.
Available in various colours. The beads have a glitter stroke along the bead.

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Bacio Bracelets double

bac06004 - Bacio Bracelets double
Bacio Double Bracelets are silver bracelets covered with a gold layer. The bracelets are available in 3 sizes. Now with 70% discount, while supplies last. 

normal price
€ 70,00
 NOW € 14,50

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Collier double bacio

bac06007a - Collier double bacio
Bacio silver double necklace These necklace have been taken out of the collection. Available in the length 40 - 42.5 cm   

normal price
€ 152,50
 NOW € 45,00

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