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90000 - Bacio Junior Cotton Bracelets 

Bacio Junior Cotton Bracelets


The Bracelets are made of cotton.
They are available in various bright colors.
The bracelets come without buckles, these are sold separately.

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Bacio Junior - Classic Enamel Beads

bacj09162 - Bacio Junior - Classic Enamel Beads
The famous classic charms Bright Bacio Junior has a new look.This series has been taken from the collection. Now with a 20% discount.When the bullet is red, the Charm is longer available, therefore, t... 

normal price
€ 10,00
 NOW € 7,00

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Bacio Junior Clasps

910000 - Bacio Junior Clasps
Resin & Silver Clasps Closures for Cotton and Cotton Necklaces Bracelets Bacio Junior. They are made of rubber and silver. 

normal price
€ 23,75
 NOW € 15,40

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