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fling09013 (295) - Silver Ring Final Fling 

Silver Ring Final Fling

fling09013 (295)

Fling silver rings are made ​​of 925 sterling silver rhodium plated.
The rings are available in 6 sizes. This ring has an angled end.

For Fling, no shipping charges will be charged.

If you are unsure about your ring size to us, how do I find my ring size

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Fling Zirconia Solitaire

fling09122 (299) - Fling Zirconia Solitaire
fling09122 (299)
Zirconia Ring Fling - Fling Zirconia Zirconia Solitaire rings are made of 925 sterling silver rhodanised. Available in 6 sizes and 2 different colors. Periodot (green) and Wit.Indien your size is not ... 

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€ 22,95
 NOW € 17,22

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