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Fling Zirconia - Pavé Round

fling09242 (298)

Fling Zirconia Ring - Pavé Round

Fling Zirconia rings are made of 925 sterling silver and has various zirconia stones pavé styled.

If you are unsure
about your ring size, look at how I determine my ring size.

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Fling Tussenring (Silver Square)

fling09248 (351) - Fling Tussenring (Silver Square)
fling09248 (351)
Fling Ring Spacer (Silver Square) Fling Rings are made from 925 sterling silver.Available in 6 sizes. With Fling Space ring you create more space between the rings with stones or your can use th... 

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€ 18,95
 NOW € 17,00

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