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BG-1200-2CVER - Casio Baby-G (Aqua) BG-1200-2CVER - Casio Baby-G (Aqua) 

Casio Baby-G (Aqua)


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CASIO Baby G Model BG-1200-OP = 2CVER OPFuncties - EL Lighting: A electromuiniscent image illuminates the whole for easy reading. Incl. afterglow feature, so the EL lighting after releasing the button for several seconds. preserved .- Shock e-Data Memory 40: Database for Web addresses and email addresses. This model can store 40 .- Memory Address temperatures cities Saves the gem. monthly temperature of cities in 27 time zones .- World Time: Displays the current time in major cities and areas around the world .- Stopwatch function (1 / 100 - 1HR) Elapsed time, split time and end time can be measured with a precision of 1 / 100 sec. Can measure times of up to 1 hour .- Timer: Counts back from a time you specify. R indicates Auto Repeat, so that after the end of each countdown time will automatically restart .- Daily Alarm, Hourly Time Signal: daily alarm sounds each day at the set time. The value indicates how many alarms are available. At the time signal the watch beeps every hour on the hour .- 3 years - a battery-Auto-calendar 12/24 hour time display-nylon-Band Water resistance (10 bar / 100 m). : The watch is perfect for snorkeling and swimming .- Accuracy: + / - 30 seconds per month Battery Type: CR1620-Dimensions: 43.3 mm x 35 mm x 13.5 mm Weight: 29

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