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Enchanted Jewels Elements - White Topaz


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Enchanted Jewels Elements - White Topaz


This oval silver element of Enchanted Jewels contains a white topaz in an oval setting. The element is made of rhodium silver, which means that the bead is not discolored.

With the various Elements of Enchanted Charms make your own bracelet fast creation that reflects your personality or mood.

is a sunny stone in a gentle way development (mental and spiritual) and encourages self-realization. The stone helps you to find your own path to follow and to trust your own inner source of knowledge and wisdom. It helps you set goals and achieve those goals. The stone promotes empathy, openness, honesty, truth, joy and prosperity. It brings the energy pathways (meridians) to balance and stimulate artistic creativity. Physically, the stone digestion and metabolism in balance and strengthens the nerves. It stimulates combustion processes and flavor but also has a positive influence on anorexia.

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