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pur08030 - Pure Heaven Rhinestone Necklace, Grey Moonstone, Hematite pur08030 - Pure Heaven Rhinestone Necklace, Grey Moonstone, Hematite 

Pure Heaven Rhinestone Necklace, Grey Moonstone, Hematite


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Pure Heaven Necklace - Rock Crystal, Grey Moonstone, Hematite From the collection of 2008, a three-tal silver chain with at the end of each chain a Quartz, a Grey Moonstone and Hematite mineraal.Lengte necklace: 40 cm.Bergkristal; This colorless stone helps to contact your own intuition and sensitivity. Rock crystal has a purifying effect on the body and mind. Negative influences of their environment through a crystal illuminated banned and blocked energy while at the same time the energy of other stones versterkt.Maansteen, is a pink, gray or yellowish stone and has variations in color changing light .. It is a stone for the wife and family is considered a stone that promotes fertility. It gives more life and increase satisfaction. Moonstone helps you to be master of emoties.Voor Pure, no shipping gerekend.Sieraden not in stock can be ordered in less than 2 days.

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