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Enchanted Jewels Elements - Aquamarine


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Enchanted Jewels Elements - Aquamarine

This round
 silver element of Enchanted Jewels contains an aquamarine in an oval setting. The element is made of rhodium silver, which means that the bead is not discolored.

With the various Elements of Enchanted Charms you can make your own bracelet creation that reflects your personality or mood.

is a very spiritual stone with a strong sedative effect (both mentally and physically). It is sincere, honest, tolerant, carefree, relaxed and cheerful. It is a good stone to wear as business or personal projects should be completed because it is dynamic, persistent, purposeful and successful. It provides clarity of mind when you are confused, sharpens observation and fosters self-expression. Aquamarine is particularly suitable to carry with you during meditation. It promotes spiritual growth, psychic gifts, intuition and clairvoyance. Physically, the stone helps with sore throat, swollen glands, thyroid problems, brings balance to the endocrine system and stimulates growth. It has a favorable effect on the eyes (for example, or people who are farsighted). stomach, teeth and jaw, and calms excessive immune system reactions such as allergies (especially hay fever) and autoimmune diseases.


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