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Enchanted Jewels Elements - Rose Quarts


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Enchanted Jewels Elements - Rose Quartz


This element silver round Enchanted Jewels contains a mineral quartz. The element is made of rhodium silver, which means that the bead will not fade.

With the various elements of collectionEnchanted Jewels that you can make your own bracelet that reflects your personality or your mood.

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and perfect love. The stone is strong in the heart chakra and opens the heart to receive love and to love. The stone attracts love relationships harmonious and friendly and also promotes self-esteem and self acceptance. Rose Quartz has a soft and gentle and soothing the pain and trauma and the promotion of empathy, openness and helpfulness. The stone is receptive to all types of beauty and stimulates creativity and imagination. Physically, the stone has a positive effect on the heart, genitals, sexual problems, fertility, breast and lung and prevents dizziness. Finally, it helps geriatric diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

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