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Enchanted Jewels Element - Amethyst


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Enchanted Jewels Elements - Amathyst Silver

This round silver contains an element of Enchanted Jewels Amathyst in a round setting. The element is made of silver rhodium. The mineral is faceted.

With the various Elements of Enchanted Charms you can make your own bracelet creation that reflects your personality or mood.

Amethyst works protective and purifying. It makes your mind clear and provides insight into your behavior and the choices you make and this helps recognize and bad habits and addictions behind you. It also provides insight into business sense and can help certain experiences a place, so you in the processing of emotional pain, trauma and loss and grief to the next stage helped. Amethyst creates a field with light energy around your aura and what - if the stone is large enough - a space to clean and protect. It may be the crown and third eye open so that the stone may be suitable for people who want to start developing their intuition and spiritual skills. It also helps to make contact with higher energies and guides. Physically amethyst has a positive effect on the brains and nervous system, headaches and migraines and sleep (as nightmares)


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