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EJ-Dark Brown (Wikkel) - Enchanted Jewels Bracelets - Dark Brown  

Enchanted Jewels Bracelets - Dark Brown

EJ-Dark Brown (Wikkel)

Enchanted Jewels Bracelet - Dark Brown

The bracelets consist of Enchanted Jewels 2 leather cords which you can slide or click different elements on it. You can make your own creation in a quick way, that reflects your personality or mood.

These bracelets can be rotated around you wrist twice.

The bracelet is made of soft calfskin.
The leather cords are each 4 mm wide.

The lengths of the bracelet are: 36, 38 and 42 cm.

When the bullet is red, this means that the Bracelet is not on stock and that it not possible to order this bracelet.


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