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Payment Methods for MyWatch

You can MyWatch on one or more of the following ways:

Via credit card (Visa and MasterCard). You can safely enter credit card information via Paypal.

By iDEAL (Netherlands only). This payment can be directly during the ordering process the payment deal with your bank. You pay your Internet payment, based on specific security measures of your own bank. If you telebanking, you can start using iDEAL, without you having to log on.

Through advance. You can transfer the amount to account tnv Zutphen MyWatch to include your order number. In this case we will only start processing the order once payment is received. It takes about 1 to 2 days before a payment is processed by us. Then The delivery times that are currently listed on the site.

For payments from abroad, our information is as follows:
MyWatch in Zutphen Netherlands
IBAN: NL23 RABO 0116 7469 98
Bank Identification Code: RABONL2U

Through vouchers. Read the email by which your code or gift certificate is given and make sure you meet the conditions for exchange. To redeem your gift certificate is very simple:

1. Click on the article on 'In Cart';
2. Click on 'order'. (Or 'continue shopping' if you want to order more items);
3. Check the data entered for your order;
4. Click if your details are correct on 'to pay';
5. To select and send payment for books or cash, and enter the code or the amount of your gift in remarks.
6. Make your final order by clicking "Send order" button.
7. We will adjust the invoice if necessary and send it by mail to you. Then you can proceed to pay through transfer, if an amount remains open.

Rembours. You can also choose to have your order to ship COD. If you choose the amount added to your total to € 17.50. You will receive after sending the code to track and trace your package to follow. You pay the full amount as stated on the invoice to the postman.

3-D Secure and SecureCode
What are 3-D Secure and SecureCode?
3-D Secure and SecureCode make online payments safer. The 3D-Secure technology was developed by Visa and is marketed under the brand Verified by Visa. Under the label MasterCard SecureCode MasterCard also offers this standard. 3-D Secure and SecureCode are an extra step when placing your order that is for your safety. You will be protected against abuse of your card number because you pay first before confirming your identity.

How does it work?
Your card is not activated by default for 3-D Secure and SecureCode. For the payment of your order may be asked to activate 3-D Secure on your card. After this, with every online credit card verification you are asked to create a digital signature. This code is then immediately checked by your own bank.
There are a number of variants of the digital signature, depending on your bank. It may be a self-chosen password, a PIN provided by your bank, but there may also be asked to create a digital signature using a random or digipas reader.

An invoice
For your records you will always receive an original invoice with your order.

A payment reminder
If you received a payment reminder we have for (part of) the order is not received your payment. After you have paid, it takes 1-2 days before we have processed your payment. If you pay more ago has paid (to the right account number: tnv MyWatch in Zutphen), we request you to kindly contact our Customer Service. To you as soon as possible service, we kindly ask you your order number in your e-mail or hand-held when you call. Please note that payment reminders are sent to the last used billing address in your account.

No answer to your question? Please contact our customer service.

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